Sunday, May 2, 2010


redwood forest Originally uploaded by jwlphotography
I admit, I am obsessed. I spend hours on flickr a day....I know, I know, crazy! Although I think I was obsessed before, I really became obsessed when I stumbled onto a photographers blog and saw his amazing photographs and I wanted to learn how to get the same look. This was one of my favorites. Although JWL photography (You so have to check out his blog, he has to be the expert on lighting! love, love, love his work...wait did I say love his work yet?) seems to do a lot of special effects too (which I hope to learn someday, that will be my next obsession), I wanted to learn the lighting first.

Test Run:
Okay, as I try to perfect this lighting thing, I will share with you my journey. For all of you in the same boat, you have to check out Strobist, That is the place to go to learn how to do off camera flash. My problem was actually doing it, so here we go, lets look at some test run, trial and error over the next few post.

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