Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting perfect skin in photoshop using Topaz Detail

Use a Duplicate layer

Open a layer mask

click back to your duplicate layer

Open Topaz Detail 2 under filers (

Click on soft looking and click ok

Click back to your layer mask and use your brush on the color black to bring back the detail in what you do not want soft like the eyes.

Then go to layers an flatten when done.

Use Clone and healing brush to take out any other unwanted details in the face and the rest of the photo.

Use the Photo filter in your layers menu as shown, adjust opacity to your liking.

Flatten the image when done.

Increase saturation of any color you may want to stand out more like the blue in the back by going to replace color under image menu

Select the color and increase saturation.

And you are done

Friday, April 16, 2010

Different Textures To Download for Free

I made these in Photoshop.

DIRECTIONS: Click on which one you want, right click, than upload to photoshop, drag to the picture you want it in, In the layers box, put the texture layer to overlay, adjust opacity to liking in the layers box, than flatten.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to make the eyes brighter in Photoshop

1. Make a duplicate layer under the layers tab.
2. Burn: move down to 10% under shadows and burn the dark part of the outside ring around the eye.
3. Dodge: the color part of the eye.
4. Select the eye and under filters hit "sharpen more" once
5. under image, go to adjustments, replace color, select the color of the eye that you want to enhance and increase the saturation.
6. Adjust opacity on the layer to your liking and flatten image.

PhotoShop Vintage, Actions, and Texture

I used the directions on for getting a vintage photo, then added a few more steps.

First I added a red photofilter and dropped the opacity to my liking.  I then used the eyebright action from
Coffee Shop blog  to brighten the eyes a little.  I then added a texture from
Deviant Art and put it on overlay 20%,
flattened the image...done:)