Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Theme Ideas?

I really want to do a shoot that has an Alice and Wonderland feel to it.  I want some ideas of some props, backgrounds, etc.  Anyone?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Test Shots

So Here is my first attempt was using the SB-900 and the umbrella (which blew over in the wind...yeah, not a wise decision. LOL)  This was off to the right of the camera.  I set it on manual and adjusted the light up and down.

This is the second one, where I used the 900 with the softbox off to the right of the subject and a direct light from the sb-28 to the lower left of the subject that was adjusted down a lot so it wouldn't put out too much light.

This one, I was able to get the look I was wanting (finally) *claps happily*
I put the SB900 with the softbox on manual, used a higher setting on the flash so it gave off  more light, brought it close to the subject and pushed up my aperture.  This gave it the affect that made the background look darker.

Lighting Equipment

Okay so I get the equipment, after months and I do mean months of saving.  Here is what I have:

Off-camera flash: SB-900 (which is awesome by the way) and a SB-28 (older flash unit, but works great and cheaper)

Light stands and attachments for the flash units that hold the flash and umbrella called a umbrella adapter (see right), which you can go to any camera shop and buy them and they are around 20 to 30 dollars.
Two umbrellas and one Lumiquest soft-box

Trigger:  Okay so everyone talks about Pocket Wizards, but man, they are way too much money, so I got some off brand from Japan, and they work great.  I think I spent $36 and got three receivers and one trigger off of Ebay.  Its called Yonguno Digital, CTR-301P.  Now you can use your camera to trigger your flashes with the built-in flash, but it is too difficult, especially when you are not in the line of sight of the infrared.


redwood forest Originally uploaded by jwlphotography
I admit, I am obsessed. I spend hours on flickr a day....I know, I know, crazy! Although I think I was obsessed before, I really became obsessed when I stumbled onto a photographers blog and saw his amazing photographs and I wanted to learn how to get the same look. This was one of my favorites. Although JWL photography (You so have to check out his blog, he has to be the expert on lighting! love, love, love his work...wait did I say love his work yet?) seems to do a lot of special effects too (which I hope to learn someday, that will be my next obsession), I wanted to learn the lighting first.

Test Run:
Okay, as I try to perfect this lighting thing, I will share with you my journey. For all of you in the same boat, you have to check out Strobist, That is the place to go to learn how to do off camera flash. My problem was actually doing it, so here we go, lets look at some test run, trial and error over the next few post.