Sunday, July 11, 2010


I recently got a Westcott Apollo Speedlight kit softbox *throws hands in the air and starts doing the happy dance*.  I Love Love Love it!  It is easy to set up and I love how it changes the lighting on my photographs.  Here is my first attempt using the softbox...

I was using a smaller lumiquest softbox that attached directly to the speedlight, but that would create a harsh light.  I would also use my umbrella which is nice but when doing a portrait it would sometimes tend to flood the room with too much light.  So the new softbox is a great mix between my old softbox and my umbrella :)

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  1. HI Crystal, you must be so pleased with the results. I love softoxes and i am with you, the bigger the better. You feel so free to take great photos because the light is so lovely. Thanks for the post. Carla