Monday, July 27, 2009

Tajtana Shoot on July 26, 2009

Tajtana and I went out yesterday and took some pics
Here are a few :) What do you think? Any advice welcome :)


  1. I especially like the last one!

  2. i think these are beautiful! you did a great job in capturing different emotions of her, and she is beautiful!
    thanks for stopping by my page!

  3. very pretty!! thanks for stopping by my site :)

  4. I like the last one best too!

    They are good pictures, but to take it up a level, I would have her make eye contact with the lens. I noticed that she did not look a the lens one time, and I think that is a mistake. In order to draw the viewer in it is better to have eye contact, not every time of course because you want to be creative, but at least some of the time. Generally speaking, I have noticed that the BEST pics are the ones where the subject is speaking with her eyes, and holds your stare...I would try again, and get her to look at the camera. Try suggesting different emotions to her to evoke different looks. Maybe play some music in the background to help her relax. I think she looks a little uptight in some of the photos.

    I have found that it generally takes a model a good 20 mins to "warm up" to the camera and begin to really connect with the lens.

    I don't know if this is the kind of feed back you were looking for, but I know that the most honest critiques have helped me the most! Keep up the good work!

    p.s. I took down almost all of my pics on Blog Spot and started posting on Face Book. If you want to see some of my pics and leave comments you can find me on Face Book- my name is Michelle Parish, from Hammond, Louisiana! Feel free to leave comments/critiques for me as well!